Coastal Alchemy


With minimalist forms and subdued colors, Holgate captures the feel of our streams and forests in quiet reverence.

Some of the paintings are on glass or on surfaces that combine paper and glass. They are majestic and simple. The softness of her painting is awe inspiring.


Holgate is all veil and nuance, her two- dimensional works setting paper horizontals in pale greens and beiges under translucent glass.

Her glass sculptures — thick glass “rocks” of mottled charcoal, orange-brown and lime green, which squeeze into each other like anemones — echo the same landscape in the paper and paint works, a place where the beach is hinted at yet omnipresent.


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Holgate might be called a "landscape artist," but that doesn't begin to suggest the fluid, floating, semiabstract worlds that emerge from her paintbrush.

Her artist bio mentions her reverence for the work of sculptor Henry Moore and painter Mark Rothko, and you can see sinuous Moore-like curves in her handling of space and a meditative Rothko-like palette in her handling of color.