Meg Holgate sees our natural landscape as universal perfection. Her paintings are moments of beauty simply rendered on canvas with thin veils of muted color and quiet line-form.The framework for her system of visual storytelling is constructed through a lens that continually explores light and dark, stillness and movement, and soft focus and sharp shapes. Meg’s work reflects her experiences, philosophical beliefs and a lifelong study of art and its practice. She invites you to experience your own voyage in this lifetime, engaging you, the viewer through the compositional arrangements found in her oil paintings and glass sculpture.

Raised in both New York and London during the 60’s, her childhood was spent drawn to the parallel universes of the old masters and the contemporary works of the mid-century modernists. Her work continues to ride the crest between her appreciation of these works and the crafting of her own dream.

Her work was exhibited in the Coastal Alchemy exhibition at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington (February 2014-2015) and in the Accreted Terrane exhibition at the Museum of Northwest Art in La Conner Washington (October 2014-January 2015).   Her current exhibition, Portals can be seen June 4th at the Abmeyer + Wood Gallery in Seattle WA.