I see our natural landscape as universal perfection. My paintings are a quiet witness to both the recall of beauty and the painful erosion of this abundance.



Central to my practice is the belief that our continued separation from nature is having grave consequences on our psyche. It is from this place that I hope to engage the viewer in the contemplation our natural environment and its importance to our humanity.


Whether it is through veils of muted color, stillness and movement, or dark and light, ultimately it is in the physical act of painting- the meditative movements of the brush - that I find serenity and the infinite potential to speak of our natural world.

Net II, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48x48.png

I maintain a deep reverence for nature and those cultures which embrace simplicity and restraint. I make every effort to draw on this appreciation as an artist and as an individual.


The Pacific Northwest has been my home for more than 20 years.



It is here, located in some of the region’s most deeply beautiful surroundings, that I practice my work as painter, exploring the transient, the fleeting and the contingent.